Finding The Best Wedding Dresses In Surrey

If theres one thing that most brides are excited about when it comes to their wedding day, it will be finding the right dress. That is, until some of them realize how challenging that can be – just think about all those options! Now, designer wedding dresses are most coveted when it comes to these occasions since they can help make sure that you stand out and the chances of you finding another wearing the same thing is low.

Surrey has plenty of amazing designers, all offering some of the best wedding collections, but choosing the right one ultimately depends on two things – your preferences and body shape.

Heres a fact: It doesnt matter how expensive, how beautifully made or how luxurious the material is on a dress – if it doesnt fit you then it simply wouldnt look good. So, would you really want to settle? To help take the burden of blindly choosing the right one out of all the available wedding dresses Surrey, here is a quick rundown of the best styles for different body shapes.

  • Small busts. Consider demi-cups your bestfriend. You can easily go strapless or a deeper V neckline to give that area of your body a much needed boost. Plunging necklines are quite on-trend too so youre sure to find a lot of options for it.
  • Hourglass. Height and proportions aside, hourglass figures will suit nearly anything. Figure hugging silhouettes would look best, of course. However, if youre a little on the short side, opting for something elongating such as a serpentine cut or a gown with asymmetrical elements will be the best options for you. Taller brides should go strapless as this further elongates their bodies and adds a bit more shape where needed.
  • Busty. Just because youre busty, it doesnt mean you cannot go strapless. However, if youre opting for this style, do make sure your gown offers plenty of support in the form of corseting or boning. There are also plenty of undergarments available that will provide you with the same just in case your chosen dress doesnt come with one. Since youre opting for a designer dress, talk to them about adjusting the fit. Make sure it fits your body and bodice like a glove. This will accentuate all your best features and help you avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Plus size. Form-hugging styles will look best on you. Instead of trying to hide your curves in layers of fabric, opt for something, which is quite minimal in design – a few well-placed accents should be enough. A heavy gown will actually make you appear shorter and bigger so avoid these at all costs! Mermaid cut gowns and bohemian inspired dresses are just two of the best styles to try on. Remember, its all about your undergarment so make sure you find ones that offer ample support and hugs your curves just right.
  • We hope this guide was able to help you find some of the best wedding dresses Surrey. Remember, there are no real rules when it comes to purchasing bridal wear. At the end of the day, wear what you feel most beautiful in!